Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

wish: ethiopia, april 2011.

When the first wave began the 2010 New York City marathon, I was waiting in the porta potty line under the Verrazano… the front runners were silhouetted against the morning sky above us waiting out final race instructions, and the TV screens in marathon village magnified their tightly focused faces. As the cameras lingered on Haile Gebrselassie, the crowd erupted in cheers and goose bumps rose on my arms. To know that I would be running in the same race, on the same course as one of my running heroes fueled and inspired me the entire four hours and nine minutes of my first marathon. *

Fast forward to yesterday… I got an e-mail from New York Road Runners, inviting members to spend five days in Gebrselassie’s native Ethiopia at the Haile Resort, visiting the NYRR youth programs operating in Hawassa, and participating in the Every One Race, a 21-kilometer contest through the terrain around Lake Awasa. The trip also includes, of course, lunch with Gebrselassie. As I read, I got this feeling… this amazing flutter of anticipation and excitement in the pit of my stomach… I felt… ‘I. Have. To. Go!’

So, here I am… I have to go, but the trip will cost me around $3,700.00 total and a $1,500 deposit is required by February 15th to secure my place on the roster. After that, I have until April 1st to fundraise/earn the balance. I know I can get there… (I can already smell Lake Awasa) I just need a little help. So I am asking my 2011 racing sponsor, Odwalla, and everyone I love for a little help. Anything… a quarter… a dollar… ten dollars… one hundred dollars… a meditation sending good energy my way… anything to help me run in Africa. ** Just think of the interesting blog posts that would result from such a trip… would really spice things up around here…

Let me know if you want to help… and how I can help you in return, and hopefully I will be running Ethiopia in April!

Thank you and lots and lots of love to you.

*I didn’t find out he pulled out of the course at the 16th mile until afterwards.

**I have never been to Africa, let alone run in Africa.